September 3, 2020

Open letter to the State of Iowa Board of Regents, with special attention to the Committee on AcademicAffairs that oversees Intercollegiate Athletics

I graduated from and swam competitively at the University of Iowa in the 1980’s, was on a scholarship for both athletics and academics all four years, and achieved All American status my senior year. I grew up in DesMoines and my experience as a student athlete at Iowa was life changing. I was on the team with students from around the US and the world with international athletes from Ireland, Sweden and Norway. This mix of determined and ambitious athletes from all different cultures and backgrounds broadened my horizons, challenged my limited understanding of how the world worked, and inspired me to train harder than I ever thought was physically possible.

The University of Iowa was always a best in class example of the combination of Division I athletics and strong academics, and all student athletes were provided with ample opportunities to grow, learn, and excel. We knew there were “revenue producing sports” meaning football and basketball, and “non-revenue producing sports” meaning everything else. It was a proud sprawling athletic program with global recognition, and the men’s and women’s swimming teams consistently had top finishing athletes at Big 10 Championships andNCAAs. The swimming program has incredible legacy – it is more than 100 years old, the butterfly stroke was invented in the Field House pool, and the team has a world-class new natatorium.

This experience as a student athlete at Iowa taught me life long habits of self-discipline, pushing through pain and fatigue, and focusing on individual success while being a member of a team. These skills helped me develop my professional career as a global leader in music and technology, navigating the unpaved and treacherous roads as the industry has undergone massive disruption and reinvention over the last 20 years.

The student-athlete experience at Iowa served as a foundation for who I am today. I genuinely thank theUniversity for that.

So it brings me great pain to compose this letter to you regarding the manner in which the University and itsAthletic Director pronounced a surprise termination of the Olympic Sports of men’s and women’s swimming, men’s gymnastics, and men’s tennis after the 2020-21 academic year.

The rationale was that the Big Ten Conference decision to cancel the fall football season due to COVID could cause the Athletic department to incur a $100M revenue shortfall and deficit of $60-75M this fiscal year. UIPresident Bruce Harreld and Gary Barta Athletics Director positioned this as a financial decision to team, families, coaches, staff, alumni and the public. However, the reckless manner in which this decision was made has caused a growing concern among the broad community that the University did not abide by its own policies and procedures, put the students’ interests last, and did not operate in good faith to its current teams and their families.

Policy and Process

The Presidential Committee on Athletics (PCA) is the President and Athletic Director’s advisory group for governance over Intercollegiate Athletics and its operations manual is excerpted here.

Statement of Aspiration: The University of Iowa is committed to a philosophy of firm institutional control of athletics, to the unquestioned academic and financial integrity of our athletics program, and to the accountability of theAthletics Department to the values and goals befitting higher education. In support of that commitment, thePresidential Committee on Athletics representing faculty, staff, students, and alumni of the University of Iowa have examined and agreed to the principles set forth by the Knight Foundation Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics as a guide to our participation in intercollegiate athletics. (See Appendix A)

Appendix A. Knight Commission Principles
I. Athlete health, safety and well-being must be a guiding imperative.
II. The educational experience and outcomes of college athletes must be paramount.
III. Institutions and their associations must demonstrate fiscal responsibility and prioritize athlete health and safety, athlete education and campus academics in the allocation of athletics revenues.
IV. The governance of associations must demonstrate integrity, advance the educational missions of institutions and the well-being of college athletes and share voting power with college athletes.

1) The conduct of the University in this debacle certainly did not have athlete health, safety and well-being as a guiding imperative as is required in Article I above.

a) Students had just arrived on campus from locations around the world to begin their academic year. Do you remember the excitement of being on campus in the fall after being gone all summer? It’s palpable. On Friday August 21 students were summoned to an urgent meeting in which the Athletic Director spoke for two minutes telling them their programs were being cancelled and then immediately left, leaving students crying and coaches to carry the entire burden of dealing with the repercussions of this announcement. Families were not notified at all and the students were then obliged to call their parents and break the shocking news. The lack of respect for these young adults, their educations, their athletic careers, and their well-being is jaw dropping, and shows gross disregard.

b) The Big 10 decision was made on August 11, which means the University allowed only eight business days to make this announcement that would negatively impact all of the students and programs in perpetuity. There was no transparency whatsoever on the process beyond word versions of what is also on the website. Families had no opportunity to have a dialogue with the University about the impact on their students, nor any reasonable time to make alternate decisions for their education. This was a violation of the very Statement ofAspiration to have “firm institutional control of athletics and accountability of the Athletics Department to the values and goals befitting higher education.”

2) The University is lacking adequate financial oversight in the Athletic Department, with a history of problems that precede COVID.

a) While this decision was positioned as purely financial because of the revenue shortfall in 2021 due to COVID, the savings in 2021 in these four programs is reportedly under $1M and on a going forward all-in basis with scholarships, staff and budget around $5M. This is quite clearly an accounting error in the overall budget and stated $100M shortfall. There is also a lack of transparency around the Athletic Department’s underlying financial status and what other budget cuts have been made to shore up losses. To simply chalk this up to“football supports everything else” and cut entire programs is not an adequate solution.

b) The University also inexplicably provided an FAQ stating this decision was final and no amount of private capital would change the decision. This is a clear indication that this is in fact NOT a financial decision.
(i) If this was truly driven by a lack of revenue, the University would have provided notice and response in the community, thereby enabling private donations and capital from alumni and community. This is a well-honed and successful path for other universities and various non-revenue producing programs that round out the student experience.
(ii) If this was purely financially motivated, the University could change the four programs to partial support whereby a limited number of scholarships are available and any additional scholarships would need private funding.
(iii) If this action was based on COVID alone, why cancel the programs permanently when this is a temporary problem?
(iv) If this was an attempt to quickly gain a better balance of diversity under Title IX, in

This announcement was given to everyone as a unilateral, unchanging position, which negates most plausible arguments other than the Athletic Department simply didn’t want to support these sports any longer. Is this really how the University treats its student athletes in a time of crisis?

c) The new $60M swimming and rec facility is a world-class racing and diving pool that certainly has opportunity for earned income as well as showcasing the University to all athletes who compete in the pool.Iowa was set to host both Zone D Diving and NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships in 2021. It is financially irresponsible to invest in, ask donors to support, and build a brand new competitive pool and then abandon the team for whom it was built.

d) It is abundantly clear there is a history of personal behavioural problems in the Athletic Department of racism, bullying, overspending, gender orientation discrimination and nepotism that led to multi-million dollar financial settlements including a $1.3m payout to a coach after 18 athletes complained of racist comments, even though that was not a contract requirement. The recent renovation of VIP seating at a cost of $25M+also was reported to have depleted reserves. These are open secrets with coverage from Forbes to SportsIllustrated to local and regional papers. This financial chaos and burden of servicing $209M in athletic department debt is not the problem of the four programs, and yet the arbitrary and unreasonable action has redirected the problem to programs that conversely have honored their students and abide by rules and policies.
(i) The University should consider an alternative structure between revenue and non-revenue sports, including a separation of finance through creation of an entity or budget with fixed percentage transfer of revenue so that all programs do not get penalized when one goes awry.
(ii) The University could consider working with NCAA to create a new model that incorporates a mix of private and University support for all non-revenue producing programs.
(iii) The University could go back to the program-specific support and philanthropy of previous eras in which donors support individual sports vs the broad development efforts.
(iv) The University could undertake a process by which we are given adequate runway to study and emulate structurally a number of other university Olympic sports that have successfully reimagined their finances and donor bases, and also the economic impact of this decision on the University, the Iowa City area, and Iowa at large.

3) There appears to have been lack of adherence to PCA procedures, notice, and Iowa Open Meetings Law, nor was there notice given of any special meeting on the topic of financial constraints or potential termination of programs. PCA excerpted here.

Open Meetings
As confirmed by the university General Counsel’s Office in February, 2012, the PCA is no longer legally subject to theIowa Open Meeting Law (“law”), Chapter 21, Iowa Code. The PCA, however, has determined that it is in best interests of the University for PCA to continue to voluntarily comply with the relevant provisions of the Open Meetings Law. Set forth in Appendix B is a summary of the law as it formally applied to the PCA.

Appendix B. Iowa Open Meetings Law
Open Session Required: If applicable, the meeting law would require the PCA to conduct its meetings, whether formal or informal, in open session, meaning that all members of the public shall have access to these meetings. The law applies to any gathering in person or by electronic means of a majority of the PCA’s members, provided that deliberation occurs or action is taken on any matter within the scope of the PCA’s policy-making duties. Any final PCA action must be taken in open session.

Open Session Not Required: The law does not apply to purely ministerial meetings or social gatherings where no discussion of policy occurs. In addition, the PCA may meet in closed or “executive” session for the following reasons:
1. to discuss strategy with counsel in matters already in litigation or where litigation is imminent;
‍2. to prevent needless or irreparable injury to the reputation of an individual whospofessional competency is beingevaluated for purposes of appointment, hiring, performance, or discharge; provided that the individual requests aclosed session;
3. to discuss strategy in matters relating to employment conditions (see Section 20.9 of the law) of employees subject to a collective bargaining agreement; or,
4. to discuss information that is confidential under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

To hold a closed session, the PCA must:
1. pass a motion by a vote of either two-thirds of PCA membership or by all members present;
2. record in the minutes the vote of each member present on the issue of closed session;
3. record in the minutes the reason for the closed session;
4. record in the minutes of the closed session details of all discussions, persons present and actions taken; and
5. record by audiotape or videotape the closed session, and retain the recording on file for at least one year after the date of the meeting.

Proper Notice Required: Except where impossible or impractical for good cause, the PCA must give 24 hours’ notice of the date, time, place, and tentative agenda of its meetings. Such notice may be given either by advising the news media that have filed a request for such notice or by posting on bulletin boards that are readily accessible to the public at the principal offices of the PCA or the University. Where proper notice is not given, the nature of the good cause must be stated in the PCA’s minutes

For a matter as serious as permanently cutting four Varsity athletic programs at the start of the school year, it does not appear that proper due process was undertaken and there was not adherence to PCA operations manual and policies. There is an executive committee that is designated for emergencies – was a meeting called in the eight days between Big 10 announcement and Iowa’s? It would seem that in a time of “financial exigency” such process would be expected and required. The current athletes were also not afforded the minimum 24-hour notice in advance of an emergency meeting in this instance. This is once again evidence ofUniversity governance problems and not operating in good faith.

Additionally, this arbitrary action appears to have subverted the entire purpose of the committee of faculty, students and administrators, which is to provide guidance and governance. Excerpted here:

The Presidential Committee on Athletics (PCA) is a special, free-standing (Non-Charter) university committee appointed by the University of Iowa President. The role of the PCA is to advise the University President and the Director ofAthletics on athletics issues generally, and to recommend policies pertaining to the Athletics Department consistent with the rules and policies of the National Collegiate Athletics Association, the Big Ten Conference, the Board ofRegents, and the University of Iowa. In addition to its duty to advise and recommend policies to the UniversityPresident and Athletics Director, the Committee periodically reports on its activities and on the status of athletics to the faculty, staff, and student constituency organizations at the University of Iowa.

Reputational Damage

All of the student athletes, broader student population and alumni are ambassadors to the University as they graduate and embark upon successful careers around the globe. Coaches, athletic directors, staff and professors are also ambassadors and representatives of the ideals of an institution of higher learning that embraces the dreams of talented young athletes. It is critical that the University recognize that its reputation is being tarnished by unresolved problems in the Athletic Department, the unreasonable discontinuation of thriving legacy programs, and by not acting in good faith to the very student athletes it has recruited. When athletes have multiple options for choosing the University, having the kinds of media coverage and widely understood problems do not favour a selection of Iowa. The University of Iowa is better than this.

The PCA states under Students Rights “You should expect fair and even-handed treatment from your coaches and officials in the Department of Athletics” – this clearly has not happened in this tragic instance. The university is risking its own reputation by breaching its promise to student athletes and the broader global alumni network.

Our Request

In conclusion, I want to emphasize that this letter is written out of respect and admiration for the experience that I had at the University of Iowa as a swimmer. Once a Hawkeye, always a Hawkeye.

Alumni, students and parents have mobilized and united around this recent action and we request reversal of the announcement on August 21 so that we can pull in alumni and experts to reimagine the manner in which these legacy programs operate in the near and longer term. Current students and families are entitled a process that respects the commitment the students and families have provided to the University.

On behalf of all of the alumni who have signed this document and decades of athletes who were unreachable in the short time period we have to work with, we formally ask the Board of Regents to hear us, to provide much needed governance, and to reverse this decision so that we reinstate the programs and in parallel can develop alternative solutions to preserve the legacy of the programs and show utmost respect to the current athletes. This is a multi-dimensional problem and we do not believe that the Board of Regents has had an opportunity to contemplate all facets or options, some of which are laid out here in brief. We are open to a meeting, to join your next Regents meeting on Sept 23, or a hearing to further this discussion.

Vickie Nauman
Swimming 1982-86
Los Angeles, CA

Nearly 300 fellow alumni (updated signatures) have read and support this letter, and join in asking for Board oversight and attention:

1950's Hawkeyes

Larry Halpin
Tennis 1957–1962
Naples, Florida

Bill Hise
Tennis 1954-1957
Hayward, WI
Bonita Springs, FL

Col. Bob “The Voice” Stein
Swimming 1951-55
Iowa City, IA

Paul Chenault
Tennis 1956-57
Georgetown, TX

1960's Hawkeyes

Richard Strauss
Tennis 1964-68
Iowa City, IA

Jeanne B. Abrons
Tennis 1962-65
Iowa City IA

Alan E. Schenck
Swimming and Diving 1966-68
Clarinda, Iowa

Rod P. Kubat
Tennis 1969-73
Des Moines, IA

1970's Hawkeyes

Paul Eaton
‍Swimming Coach 1978-80
Norwich, NY

Martin J.Craig
Swimming/Water Polo 1977-79
Roxburgh, New Zealand

Bob Lullo
Swimming 1974-78
Scottsdale, AZ

Robert Griswold
Tennis, 1968-72
Norman, OK

Ed Crowley
Athletic Training 1973-2010
Iowa City, IA

Craig Sandvig
Tennis 1967-71
St. Louis, MO

Richard Zussman
Tennis 1973-77
Huntington Woods, MI

Nancy Conley
Swimming 1976-79
Naperville IL

Sarah Eicher Nelson
Swimming 1974-78
Eden Prairie, MN

Kelly Disser
Football 1969-72
Ft. Wayne, IN

Cindy Dell
Swimming 1976-80
Lake Forest, IL

Steve Houghton
Tennis 1967-71
Ass't coach 1972-80
Head coach 1981-2014
Iowa City, IA

Larry Sachs
Gymnastics 1975-80
Pittsburg, PA

Tim Jacobson
Tennis 1976-1980
Grand Rapids Michigan

1980's Hawkeyes

Dave Ross
Swimming 1980-84
Des Moines, IA

Ira Stein MD
Diving 1982-1986
Nashville, TN

Leah Holzwarth
Swimming 1985-89
Evanston, IL

Michelle Thomas-Ross
Swimming 1980-84
Hudson, IA

Jennifer (Petty) Tonkinson
Swimmer 1982-86
‍Clovis, CA

Ole Vold
‍Swimming 1983–87
London, UK

Mark Stori
Swimming 1984-88
Santa Barbara, CA

Edward Lower
Swimming 1983-87
Southwest Harbor ME

Thomas Rudy
Swimming 1983-84
Indio, CA

Erik Bacon
Swimming 1986-90
Milwaukee, WI

Terri Millmier Rodgers
Diving 1985-89
‍Rock Hill, SC

Kimberly Stevens
Swimming 1983-88
Longwood FL

John Davey
Swimming 1983-88
Des Moines, IA

Rick Williams
Swimming 1985-89
St. Charles, IL

Mark Kaufman
Athletic Trainer 1982-86
Oakbrook, IL

Michael Buck
Swimming, 1986-90
‍Menlo Park, CA

Bernie Brandenberg
Swimming 1984-88
Solon, IA

Kris Schmitz
Swimming 1983-1985
Tampa, Florida

John Wilson
Swimming 1986-90
Cape Coral, FL

Doug Towne
Swimming 1982-86
Greenwich, CT

Jim Nelson
Tennis 1982-86

Steve Harrison
Swimming 1978-82
Southampton England

Bill Seitz
Tennis 1982-86
Kansas City, MO

Dan Dumford
Swimming 1986-89
Keller, TX

Michael Curley
Swimming 1982-86
Orlando, FL

Tom Williams
Swimming 1983-87
Venice, CA

Matt Wood
Swimming 1979-83
Woodbury, CT

Peter E. Kennedy Ph.D.
Head Coach Iowa Women's
Swimming 1981-95
‍Iowa City, IA

Bryan Farris
Swimming 1980-84
Salix, Iowa

Tom Roemer
Swimming 1980-84
Bettendorf, IA

Tom Reeves
‍Athletic Training 1988

Linda Henry (Leuer), PhD
Swimming 1980-84
Washington, DC

Ted Rychlik
Swimming 1979-82
Maple Valley WA

Diane Goldsworthy
Diving 1982-86
Roscoe, IL

Tom Reeves
‍Athletic Training 1988
Montevideo, MN

Leslie Dietz Hird
Tennis 1988-89
Rock Island, IL

Jim Nelson
Tennis 1982-86
Chicago, IL

Randy Westman
Football 1979-81
Chariton, Iowa

Michael D. Dralle
Athletic Trainer 1982-86
Chicago, IL

John Honcharuk, ATC
Athletic Trainer 1981-88
Chicago, IL

Christian Stanicek
Gymnastics 1983–88
Naperville, IL

Stuart Breitenstine
Gymnastics 82-86
Ass’t Coach 86-88
Akron, OH

Bent Brask
Swimming 1977-81
Fredrikstad, Norway

Paul Bengtson
Gymnastics 1981-85
Wheaton, IL

Dan Rustin
Tennis 1978-82
Redwood City, CA

Sunil Reddy
‍Men’s Tennis 1982-84
Grayslake, IL

Paul Bengtson
Gymnastics 1981-85
Wheaton, IL

James D. Carney
Tennis 1979-82
Naperville, IL

Buffi (Christiansen) Dixon
Diving / Gymnastics 1985-88
Harrisburg, PA

Rob Moellering
Tennis 1981-1985
St Louis, MO

Donald Wilson
Swimming 1976-80
Roanoke, VA

Dan Bachman
Gymnastics 1982-86
Urbandale, IA

Elyse Gustafson
‍Athletic Training 1985-89
Cleveland, OH

Sheila (Dempsey) Pinter
Swimming 1987-89
Iowa City, IA

Joe Leo
‍Gymnastics 1980-84
Downers Grove, IL

Cheryl Judkins Wright
Swimming 1982-86
Burlington, Iowa

Rich Selby
Wrestling 1986-88
Kansas City MO USA

Kari L. Hamel
Volleyball 1985-89
Chapel Hill, NC

Janet Moylan
Volleyball 1987-90

Laura Borgelt
Swimming 1990-94
Golden, CO

Trish Meyer
Swimming 1982-86
Covington, KY

John Meyer
Track & Field 1981-85
Covington, KY

Kristin Peterson LeBre
Swimming 1981-85
Minneapolis, MN

Tim Freed
Diving 1980-84
Sacramento, CA

Sheila Delaney Clark
Swimming 1983-85
Dallas, TX

1990's Hawkeyes

Aaron Kahn
Swimming 1996-2000
Coralville, IA

JJ Patton
Swimming 1989-93
Eldridge, IA

Rachel Bayster Abel
Swimming 1992-96
Chicago, IL

Kristin (Wallace) Krok
Swimming 1989-93
Vernon Hills, IL

Katie (Luellen) Walkenhorst
Swimming 1991-93
Boulder, CO

George Brooker
Swimming, 1990-91
Carlsbad, CA

Pam (Capin) Brooker
Swimming 1988-92
Carlsbad, CA

Erik Marchitell
Swimming 1992-96
New York, NY

Katy Fethke
Diver 1988-92
Boise, ID

Matt Smith
Swimming 1990-93
Scottsdale, AZ

Shelley Miyamoto
Swimming 1989–93
Parker, CO

JJ (De Ath) Dresden
Swimming 1991-1995
Denver, CO

Chris Courts
Swimming 1995-97
Atlanta, GA

Jory Blauer
Swimming 1993-97
‍Beach Park, IL

Tom Derouin
Tennis 1993-97
Eden Prairie, MN

Mary (Rhodes) Poynton
Swimming 1992-95
Solon, IA

Kristin Belleson
Swimming 1993-97
Carmel, IN

Mark Brown
Diving 1990-94
Columbus, OH

Jennifer (Knapp) Brown
Swimming 1992-96
Columbus, OH

Stacy (Friedlund) Christie
Swimming 1989-93
Overland Park, KS

Shelly Grismore
Athletic Training 1986-90
Cumming, GA

Deborah Riddell
Swimming 1987–90
Durham, NH

Melissa (Eberhart) Gerard
Swimming 1990-94
Omaha, NE

Christine Eck
Swimming 1989-93
Chicago, IL

Brad Virkler
Gymnastics/Diving 1994-99
Assistant Coach Men’s Gymnastics
North Liberty, IA

Chris Camiscioli
Gymnastics 1994-98
Statesboro, GA

Nicole Redmond
Swimming 1993-96
Oak Park, IL

Dan Ross
Swimming 1993-97
Denver, CO

Bryan Crowley
Men's Tennis 1991-95
Los Angeles, CA

Dale Levitski
Diving 1992-96
San Francisco, CA

Jill (Oboikovitz) Fragoso
Diving 1990-94
New Orleans, LA

Tracy Golden Kellner
Swimming 1989-93
Mequon, WI

Jim Mulligan
Swimming 1991-95
Des Moines, IA

Katie (Decker) Dumford
Swimming 1988-92
Downers Grove, IL

Shannon Tope
Pom Squad 1990-93
Austin, TX

Todd Kellner
Swimming 1986-90
Mequon, WI

Todd Strada
Gymnastics 1996-2000
Saint Charles, IL

Donna Farley
Tennis official 1990-present
North Liberty, IA

Nick Khoo
Swimming 1992-97
Pittsburgh, PA

Tracey Donnelly Maltby
Tennis 1988-92
Glen Ellyn, IL

Jay Maltby
Tennis 1986-90
Glen Ellyn, IL

Meredith (Lewis) Griffin
Swimming 1989-93
Pikeville, NC

Ed Saidat Sr
Football 1995-99
Clive, IA

Matt Thurber, Esq.
Gymnastics 1994-98
Tampa, FL

Todd Hamer
Swimming 1992–96
Iowa City IA

Kara Schmitz Olson
Swimming 1995-99
Moorhead, MN

Brad Flood
Men's Asst Swim Coach 1988-92
New London, NC

Garrett Olson
Tennis 1992-96
River Forest IL

Ryan Johnstone
Tennis 1993-98
Deerfield, IL

Robert Zumph
Tennis 1993-95
Chicago IL

Holly (Earls) Cabel
Swimming 1987-89
St. Charles, IL

Eric Schulman
Tennis 1989-92
Chicago IL

Paul Buckingham
Tennis 1987-91
Glenview, IL

Nicole (Widmyer) Perkins
Swimming 1990-94
‍Santa Monica, CA

Ulf Jentler
‍Tennis 1995-99
Stockholm, Sweden

Garry Denk
Gymnastics 1990-94
Northbrook, IL

Damir Seferovic
Tennis 1994-97
San Diego, CA

Ronald G. Kaminski
Swimming and Diving 1987-91
Chicago, IL

Kirk McGowan
Football 1986-1989
Urbandale, IA

Aaron Kooiker
Football 1991-95
Fairfield, IA

Ben Bamsey
Tennis 1994-99
Atlanta, GA

Tommy Heiting
Tennis 1989-91
Midland-Odessa, TX

Kim Tanskanen
Gymnastics 1985-90

Kim (Yager) Jede
Diving 1988-92
Mechanicsburg, PA

Dana (Burkhardt) Oddo
Swimming 1996-98
Gurnee, IL

Jen Trask (Cota)
Swimming 1992-96
Oak Creek, Wisconsin

David Mitchell
Football 1990-92
Washington, Iowa

Dan Stoppenhagen
Swimming 1990-94
Portland, OR

Mike Burns
‍Men's Gymnastics Ass’t Coach 80-91
St. Paul, MN

Nicole Zunker (Jesperson)
Swimming 1997-2001
‍De Pere, WI

Tyler Cleveland
Tennis 1997-01

Dana P. Farrar
‍Swimming and Diving 1993-97
Houston, Texas

Janet Moylan
Volleyball 1987-90
Tinley Park, IL

2000's Hawkeyes

Jennifer Skolaski
Swimming 2001-05
Oshkosh, WI

Erin DeLashmutt
Swimming 2003-07
Chicago, IL

Andrew DeLashmutt
Diver 2005-09
Chicago, IL

Melissa (Loehndorf) Woltz
Swimming 1998-02
Hudson, IA

Alison (Gschwend) Hodgson
Iowa Swimming 2005-09
Evanston, IL

Nick Hinz
Swimming 1997–01
Chicago (Naperville), IL

Mea Blauer
Swimming 1996-2000
Beach Park, IL

Lloyd Bruce-Burgess
Assistant Tennis Coach 2020
Iowa City, IA

Frannie (DeBord) Malone
Swimming, 1996-2000
‍Iowa City, IA

Adam Rubenstein
Tennis 2004-07
Chicago, IL

Jodi Courts
Athletic Trainer 1999-02
Atlanta, GA

Avi Mednick
Swimming 1996-2000
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Cameron Dye
Swimming 2002-06
Boulder, CO

Jason Kolfenbach, MD
Swimming 1996-2000
Denver, CO

Jackie (Molzahn) Hernandez
Swimming 2000-04
Chandler, AZ

Emmy Salviski
(formerly Haeger)

Swimming 2003-07
Atlanta, GA

Andrea Christenson
UI Swimming 2002-2006
Lawrence, KS

Ashley Dell
Swimming 2005-2009
Coaching 2017-2019
Chicago IL

Ryan Evans
Swimming 2007-09
Reno, NV

Stephanie (Homewood) Boozer
Swimming 1996-2000
Apex, NC

Katelyn (Eustis) Long
Swimming 2001-2005
St. Louis, MO

David Mazur
Swimming 2000-2004
Madison, WI

Beth (Katz) Tecklenburg
Swimming 1996-2000
Johnston, IA

Trevor Haley
Swimming 2002-06
Indianapolis, IN

Paul Divan IV
Swimming 2003-07
Philadelphia, PA

Barry Wilken
UI Men’s Gymnastics 1996-2000
Nashville, TN

Lynn (Dustin) Mader
Swimming 1993-97
Athletic Trainer 1997-2000
Kansas City, MO

Thad Hackney
Swimming 1997-2000
Brookfield, WI

Natan Pheil
UI Swimming 2001-05
Highland Park, IL

Kelly (Werner) Rowland
Swimming 2002-06
Waukee, IA

Mark Fastabend
Swimming 1996-2000
Chicago IL

Nicole Gatens
Soccer 2000-04
Chicago, IL

Melinda Schulte
UI swimming 2004-08
Des Moines, IA

Anthony J. Petrocelli
Gymnastics 1996-2000
River Edge, NJ

Katie (Haeger) Sleigh
Swimming 2001-05
Hawthorn Woods, Il

Stacey Wertz Simmer
Swimming 1997-2001
Cedar Falls, IA

Jon Landon
Swimming 2002-06
Iowa City, IA

Eric Block
Gymnastics 2000-04
Chicago, IL

Jake Moore
Swimming 2005-2010
Chicago, IL

Cameron Schick
Gymnastics 1999-2003
Seattle, WA

Chris George
Swimming 1999-2003
Carbondale, CO

F. Shane de Freitas
Gymnastics 1998-2002
Houston, TX

Erica Noah Bredeson
Swimming 2002-06
Orono, MN

Doug Jacobson
Gymnastics 1996-2000
Minneapolis, MN

Bryan Rowland
Swimming 2001-05
Waukee, IA

Allison Lyle
Swimming 1998-2002
Boulder, CO

Dan Proudfoot
Gymnastics, 2002-06
Saint Paul, MN

Troy Smith
Gymnastics 1997-2001
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Gymnastics 1998-2002
North Liberty, IA

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Gymnastics 1997-01
Fairfield, IA

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Tennis 1995
Glen Ellyn, IL

Brian Christie
Gymnast 1998-2002
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Nathan Blair
Gymnastics 1999-2003
Riverside, CA

Michael Kelly
Men's Gymnastics 2000 - 2006
Las Vegas, NV

Lou Datilio
Gymnastics 1996-2000
‍Mesa, AZ

Kevin Agnew
Gymnastics 1997-2001
‍Evanston, Illinois

Ryan Meeks
Men’s Gymnastics 1999-2003
Houston, Texas

Roberto Gutierrez
Diving 1999-2004
St. Paul, MN

Andy Miner
Swimming 2005-09
Evanston, IL

Christopher Speer
Tennis 2009-2012
Chicago, IL

Nicholas Jackson
Gymnastics 2003-08
Minneapolis, MN

David Freijd
Tennis 2000-03
Stockholm, Sweden

Christie Hooper Zeman
Swimming 2000-04
Gallatin, TN

Joshua Schubert
Swimming 2006-10
Iowa City, IA

Michael Gilligan
Swimming and Diving 2006-10
Los Angeles, CA

Diego Mercado-Austin
Gymnastics 2005-09
Tijuana, MEXICO

Brett Taylor
Tennis 2005-06
Overland Park, KS

Patrick Dwyer
Tennis 2006-2010
San Francisco, CA

Jason Snider
Swimming 2000-04
Des Moines, IA

2010's Hawkeyes

Joey White
Tennis 2010-14
Memphis, TN

Josh Silverstein
Tennis 2014-18
Long Beach, NY

Zoe Douglas
Tennis 2014-18
Lake Charles, LA

Ali Dietsch
Swimming 2015-18
Iowa City, IA

Lauren Werner
Athletic Training 2016-19
Pembroke, NC

Jake Jacoby
Tennis 2014-18
Starkville, MS

Katherine Zordani
Tennis 2011-15
Ithaca, NY

Jordan Huff
Swimming 2009-2013
Grinnell, IA

Deidre Freeman Huff
Diving 2006-2011
Grinnell, IA

Byron Butler
Swimming 2009-13
Iowa City, IA

April Allen
Swimming 2009-13
Iowa City, IA

Jonas Dierckx
Tennis 2010-14
Lommel, Belgium

Ryan Phelan
Swimming 2008-12
Cedar Rapids, IA

Abbey Tuchscherer
Swimming 2010-14
Minneapolis, MN

Brandis Heffner
Diving 2013-2017
Chicago, IL

Mitch Beckert
Tennis 2008-2012
Indianapolis, IN

Tommy McGeorge
Tennis 2006-10
Scottsdale, AZ

Abbey Schneider
Swimming 2015-19
Fort Wayne, IN

Verity (Hicks) Mounsey
Swimming 2008-11
Pukekohe, New Zealand

Chase Tomlins
Tennis 2010-14
San Francisco, CA

Elise Borja
Swimming 2010-14
Milwaukee, WI

Max Dittmer
Swimming 2007-11
Austin, TX

Denise Ingua
Women's Tennis Coach 2014-16
Tucson, AZ

Jonas Zacho Larsen
Tennis 2015-19
Frederiksberg, Denmark

Lauren Eytalis
Swimming 2009-13
Denver, CO

Devin Jacobs
Swimming 2015-19
Fort Collins, CO / Naperville, IL

Bryan Hill
Men's Swimming 2007-11
Des Moines, IA

Weston Credit
Iowa Swimming 2016-20
Lagrange, IL

Lindsay (Seemann)
Swimming 2012-14
Washington, DC

Will Vasos
Tennis 2008-12
Denver, CO

Rebecca Stoughton
Swimming 2011-15
Los Angeles, CA

Michael Swank
Tennis 2010-14

Olivia Fiegel
Soccer 2016-2020

Nils Hallestrand
Tennis 2013-17
Stockholm Sweden

Brian Tremml
Swimming 2008-12
Indianapolis, IN

Matt Hagan
Tennis 2011-15
Ass’t Coach 2015-18 Scottsdale, AZ

Kate Michelau
Swimming 2006-10
Chicago, IL

Jake Jacoby
Tennis 2014-18
Starkville, MS

Andrei Ciurca
Forth Worth Texas

Ruth Seaborne
Tennis 2012-15
Fayetteville, AR

Carly O’Brien
Swimming 2014-18
Williams Bay, WI

Kelly McNamara
Swimming 2015-19
Villa Park, IL

Lauren Eytalis
Swimming 2009-13
Denver, CO

Luke Snow
Swimming & Diving 2012-2016
Springfield, MO

Annette Dohanics, J. D.
Tennis 2012-16
Pittsburgh, PA

Lance Alberhasky
Gymnastics 2010-15
Iowa City, IA

Dominic Patrick
Tennis 2012-2016
Naperville, Illinois

Karolina Shander (Wartalowicz)
Swimming 2010-14 College Station, TX

Jake Brodarzon
Gymnastics 2015-19
Paramus, NJ

Mekenna Scheitlin
Swimming 2014-18
Columbus, OH

Emma Sougstad
Swimming 2013-17
West Des Moines, Iowa

Sam Dumford
Swimming 2016-20
Downers Grove, IL

Natalie Looney
Tennis 2013-16
Scottsdale, AZ

Andres Estenssoro
Tennis 2011-15
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Juan Javier Estenssoro
Tennis 2012-14
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Alejandro Rios
Tennis 2011-13
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Mark Springett
Gymnastics 2013-18
Lincoln, NE

Sean Hagan
Swimming 2007-11
Ankeny, IA

William Albert
Gymnastics 2011-15
Dundas, Ont CA

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